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from 湘南のJOHN LENNON..

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再投稿 Freeway Of Love  by Aretha Franklin
再投稿 Freeway Of Love  by Aretha Franklin


 アレサ・フランクリンという名前は、この1985年の大ヒット曲まで小生は全く知らなかった。この曲が収録されていた「Who's Zoomin' Who?」というアルバムは、当時、たまたま石川町のタワーレコードに、輸入盤を買いに行ったとき、目に入ったのがきっかけだった。

 このアルバムを買いに行った時期は、まだ、日本のレコード会社で発売されていなかった時期で、当時流行っていたテレビ神奈川の「全米ヒット40」というビルボードチャート番組で、急上昇していた曲が、この「Freeway Of Love」だったのだ。

Knew you'd be a vision in white
How'd you get your pants so tight?
Don't know what you're doin'
But you must be livin' right

Oh...We got some places to see
I brought all the maps with me
So jump in...It ain't no sin
Take a ride in my machine

City traffic's movin' way too slow
Drop the pedal and go...go...go

We're goin' ridin' on the freeway of love
Wind's against our backs
We're goin' ridin' on the freeway of love
In my pink cadillac
We're goin' ridin' on the freeway of love
Wind's against our backs
Ain't we ridin' on the freeway of love
In my pink Cadillac?

まさしく Big Fat mama だ!もちろん尊敬の意味でだ!

Never you mind the exit signs
We got lots of time
We can't quit 'til we get
To the other side
ah-hah ah hah

With the radio playin' our song
We keep rollin' along
Who knows how far a car can get
Before you think about your love slowin' down

City traffic's movin' way too slow
Drop the pedal and go...go...come on now...go

(Repeat Refrain)


Here we go...(here we go)..(here we go)..(here we go)
One more time

With the wind and
your fingers in my hair
Kinda think we're going for an extended...
So drop the top baby
and let's cruise on into
'It's better than ever Street'

City traffic's movin' way too slow
Drop the pedal and go...go...come on baby...go...do it for me now

(Repeat Refrain)

What I want you to do baby...
Get over in the left lane...
And let's march for peace...aw yeah
Take the long exit...
and then again around town
Go on over to Love and Satisfaction
and Joy y'all
Oh...ain't we ridin' baby
Ain't we cruisin' down
(Free) Free (Free) Free (Free) Free (Free---way)
Go on out to
oww...'Let's be good to each other Street'
Well....See that little landmark over there?
A whole lotta kisses and sweet stuff...
We'll be just about...oh..oh...oh...it's Satisfaction Road...yeah

Who's Zoomin' Who?


Album: Who's Zoomin' Who?
Date: 1985



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アレサ・フランクリン・アンオフィシャル・ジャパニーズ・ファンサイト 『スパークル』

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